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MEDEA at the Global MIL week 2023

Dr. Drissia Chouit and Prof. Joan Barata, MEDEA‘s Founding Members, at the 6th International E-Seminar on contemporary issues, Artificial Intelligence for the Public Good: A Media and Information Literacy Imperative, organized in Celebration of Global MIL Week 2023 #GlobalMILWeek

13th November 2023 15:00-16:30 (GMT+1)

Co-organized by Moulay Ismail University of Meknes, Morocco, and UNESCO, in partnership with MEDEA, Mediterranean Europe and Africa ( This international event outlined the necessity of perceiving artificial intelligence as a public good, used for the public good, highlighting the imperative of media and information literacy in this regard.

The event has been moderated by Dr. Drissia Chouit, Program Director & Host; Professor at Moulay Ismail University; Co-Chair of UNESCO MIL Alliance & Founding Member of MEDEA.

Eminent Speakers:

– Dr. Ming-Kuok LIM Advisor for Communication & Information Sector, UNESCO Office for the Maghreb, Rabat, Morocco. He presented the new UNESCO Guidebook on Reporting on Artificial Intelligence & UNESCO’s ongoing work on AI Ethics.

– Mr. Alexandre Le Voci Sayad Journalist & MIL Educator, Author of Artificial Intelligence and Critical Thinking, Brazil “Artificial Intelligence and Critical Thinking: New Paths for Media and Information Literacy”

– Ms. Rachel Fischer Parliamentary Engagement & Research Manager, Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse, South Africa “Equipping Citizens for the AI Era: The Crucial Role of Policies, Media and Information Literacy, Universities and Information Ethics”

– Prof. Joan Barata Senior Legal Fellow, Future of Free Speech Project at Justitia, USA “Freedom of Expression and AI: Risks and Opportunities”

– Ms. Sherri Hope Culver Director, Center for Media and Information Literacy, Temple University, USA “Children + AI + the Public Good”

– Dr. Sebastian Novomisky Chief of Training & Promotion, Public Defender’s Office, Argentina – Mr. Manuel-Antonio Monteagudo Filmmaker & Media Literacy Educator, Peru “Mastering the Tool before the Tool Masters us”

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