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MEDEA is born

We are pleased to announce today the launch of MEDEA, an independent High Level Group set up by the Italian Chapter of the International Institute of Communicationsand operating in the Mediterranean area.

We strongly believe that the Mediterranean has an increasing strategic role to play in the international debate on media and digital policies. Therefore, MEDEA has been created with the aim of pursuing this goal, focusing on digital transformation and the role of media and information as a positive factor for human and social growth.

To do this, MEDEA will provide avarious range of activities such as studies, researches, conferences and trainings. We look forward to cooperation, among the others, with international and intergovernmental bodies, national regulatory authorities, private companies, universities, non-profit and civil society organisations, taking advantage of the experience and knowledge accumulated in the professional field over the years.

MEDEA founding membersare leading experts in the communications sector, who collaborate in various capacities with major world organisations, with various skills and expertise to ensure a broader and more effective interdisciplinary approach: Joan Barata, Sally Broughton Micova, Drissia Chouit, Jean-François Furnémont, Nouri Lajmi, Persa E. Lampropoulou, Adriana Mutu, Augusto Preta, Francesco Sciacchitano, Andrea Stazi.

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