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Call for Proposals Arcom Research DayThursday 16 November 2023

The Audiovisual and Digital Communication Regulatory Authority (Arcom) is
responsible for protecting creation and its key players, monitoring the economic balance
of the audiovisual sector, supervising the actions of online platforms to protect users and
ensure freedom of expression, and guaranteeing political pluralism in the broadcast media.
More broadly, its action aims to protect all audiences in the audiovisual and online sectors.
The scientific community conducts research that examines the functioning of the
audiovisual and digital markets, and various phenomena that may arise, such as the
manipulation of information or online hate speech. Arcom is therefore committed to
follow and draw on the contributions of the academic community on issues
related to its fields of competence.

On 17 November 2022, the first Arcom Research Day was held. During this event,
articulated around different themes, around twenty researchers from several disciplines
(economics, sociology, communication studies, law, political science…) have presented
their works, related to the challenges of the media world. More than 60 people attended
the event and it was widely followed on social networks, with more than 1,500 unique
visitors on LinkedIn and on Twitter. This event gave the opportunity to the research
community to gather around a field of interest through a multidisciplinary lens, to connect
with stakeholders of the sector, and to exchange with the Arcom’s Board and members of
the authority. The programme of the Day, details on the presenters, and the recording of
all the interventions are available on the Arcom website.

The Audiovisual and Digital Communication Regulatory Authority renews this event and
launches a call for contributions for the 2nd Research Day to be held on 16 November
2023 at Arcom’s headquarters in Paris.

At this occasion, researchers in humanities and social sciences whose research themes
relate to audiovisual and digital media and creation are invited to submit their application
to participate in this new edition. French and foreign researchers are welcome to submit
works written in French or English. These proposals may include a technical/computer
science dimension (e.g. algorithmic audit).

Research topics

The themes to be addressed may include (but are not limited to) the following:
Information economics and digital transformation of traditional media:
functioning of advertising and attention markets; changes in news consumption
practices of audiovisual and digital media; environmental issues of digital practices;
Protection of audiences, challenges of social cohesion and representation of
society in the media in the digital age
: moderation and regulation of platforms and
algorithmic biases, in particular with regard to the persistence of stereotypes and
discrimination; representations and support for the environmental transition; work on
the consumption and regulation of violent contents; education challenges in audiovisual
and digital media;
Regulation of digital platforms and social networks, and systemic risks: studies
on the manipulation of information and virality, the dissemination of false information
and hate speech; studies on the implementation of the Digital Services Act and the new
European regulatory framework; identification and understanding of systemic risks with
regard to data use, including health and digital citizenship matters;
Economics of creation, production and piracy issues: latest developments and
prospects of legal supply; economics of streaming, influence marketing and alternative
business models; funding issues for the production and promotion of European and
French content; technical and socio-economic aspects of piracy and consumption of
illicit content.

How to participate?

The works likely to be presented and discussed during the day can be recent research
papers intended to be published in scientific journals or research projects at an
advanced stage
The call is open to the entire scientific community, and applications from both
experienced and younger researchers (doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows), from
France and abroad, are welcomed.
Researchers interested in presenting their work are invited to submit a unique document
– The names and contact details of the author(s) (including details of the speaker(s)), and
in particular their email address(es);
– A short biography or presentation of the contributor(s)’ work, including their institution(s)
or laboratory(ies) of affiliation;
– An abstract of the submitted paper, not exceeding two pages in length. This abstract
should state the research question, the methodology adopted and the main results of the
article. The authors may indicate, if they wish, the stage of the paper in the academic
publication process and provide, if applicable, a full version of the paper.

The applications must be sent by 25 August 2023 to the following email address: . Arcom, in collaboration with the members of its scientific
committee, will proceed to a selection of the retained contributions for the Research Day.

Organisation of the day

The research day will take place in presence of the selected participants, the members of
the Arcom Board and its scientific committee.
The day will be organised into several thematic sessions moderated by invited personalities
or members of the Arcom Board. The presentations can be made in French or in English.
The sessions will be streamed online, using Arcom’s video-conferencing software, with
French subtitles.

Key dates

31 May 2023: opening of applications
25 August 2023: deadline for applications
Mid-September 2023: announcement of the selected contributions and opening of
the registration for the event
16 November 2023: holding of the event


For further information, please contact Arcom’s Directorate of Research, Economics and
at the following address:

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