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Adriana Mutu speaks at the Annual Conference of the European Media Management Association in Pamplona

A novel scientific study on the role of News Ombudspersons as agents of trust in today´s converging media environment was presented by Adriana Mutu at the Annual Conference of the European Media Management Association. The event was hosted by the School of Communication at the University of Navarra in Pamplona between June 7-9.

In her contribution to the conference, the MEDEA founding member discussed the role of PSB Ombudspersons as self-regulatory mechanisms within public media organizations across 12 European countries, focusing on the relevance of these institutional actors in charge of protecting media users´ interests, and safeguarding the credibility of public service broadcasters.

The systematic investigation of different forms of self-regulatory procedures within the public media leads to concrete recommendations and best practice models for media organizations beyond the European Union.

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